What memorials are possible then at the Crematorium?

Usually the only permanent form of memorial available is an entry in the Book of Remembrance. This is usually displayed in a special Memorial Chapel and each day the entries for that day are on display so that a person is remembered on the anniversary of the death. Some Crematoria allow Wall Plaques or Plaques on kerbstones, etc. but these are usually for a limited period and require periodical renewal by further payments. At some Crematoria it is possible to dedicate a rose bush or other garden item with a small plaque, but this again is for a limited period with the option of renewal on further payment. Again some Crematoria are able to accept donations of such items as seats, stained glass windows, etc., where a memorial inscription may be permitted. Others have memorial funds to which relatives can make donations and the monies are used to provide additional embellishments for the grounds or buildings. If you are anxious about memorial facilities at the Crematorium, you should enquire of the funeral director at the time of making the arrangements in order to ascertain what facilities are available. This can avoid disappointment at a later date.