‘The most thoughtful decision you could make’

How planning your funeral brings peace of mind
More than 750,000 people in Great Britain have planned for their funerals, almost 250,000 of them with Golden Charter, the UK’s leading independent funeral plan provider.

Consideration for others is the most common reason for buying a Golden Charter plan. Peace of mind is the most common benefit. With Golden Charter you know that your loved ones will be spared much of the burden of bereavement. You’ll have specified every detail of the funeral in advance, selected the funeral director and taken care of the costs.

A guarantee that covers all your independent funeral director’s services
The price of funerals, like everything else, keeps going up. But no matter how much the future services of your funeral director may rise in cost, neither you nor your loved ones will be asked for a penny more for them.

There are some costs that are paid on your behalf by the funeral director. They are known as disbursements, for example the fees of cemeteries, crematoria, doctors, clergy newspaper notices and memorials. These costs are not within your funeral director’s control. Only if the increase in these costs were to exceed growth of the plan might there be any balance to pay at the time of need.

Financial Security
Your money will always be secure. Your payment goes directly to the Golden Charter Trust, which holds the money for your funeral on behalf of participating funeral directors. This is why the funeral director is able to provide a legally binding contract, which guarantees that your funeral arrangements will be carried out as you wish. The Trust Fund is a separate legal entity from Golden Charter and the Fund will continue until every plan has been carried out and payment made to the funeral director.
Freedom of choice
Some funeral planning companies may restrict your choice of funeral director. This could be distressing to the bereaved. It might mean having to travel some distance to a firm not known to the family.

With Golden Charter your wishes will be carried out by someone you know and trust. We are an independent, British owned and run company, as are most of the 2,100 funeral directors who offer our services.

Choosing your plan
Your wishes are special – and with Golden Charter, you can decide exactly what you want. Although the plans range from basic to the most comprehensive, your personal requests can be included in any one. The Personalisation Option will make sure all your wishes are honoured.
What if I move to a different area?
You may select a different funeral director or amend the existing arrangements. Golden Charter should be advised of any permanent change of address as this may affect the plan entitlements.
What if I’m not in good health?
We promise to accept your application, regardless of your age or state of health.
What if I change my mind about the arrangements?
No problem. Your wishes are what count most. Simply speak to Golden Charter or your selected funeral director.
What if something happens to Golden Charter? What Happens to My Money?
The Golden Charter trust provides financial security. As a separate legal entity, it would still continue even if something were to happen to Golden Charter, the company, and it would pay for your funeral as and when required.
What if I can’t pay now for all of my plan?
You may pay over twelve months at no extra charge, or if you are aged 70 or under you can spread the payments over 120 months, if you are over 70 you can spread the payments over 60 months. If you prefer, you may pay for a simple funeral to begin with, and change it later to a more elaborate one. The choice is yours.
What if I die before my installment payments are completed?
Your funeral will be carried out provided arrangements are in place for the balance to be paid by the family or estate.
What if death occurs away from home, but still within the UK?
Golden Charter will pay the removal charges if death occurs away from your permanent address, but still within the UK. If you intend to travel overseas, perhaps remaining there for some time, we recommend that your travel or medical insurance policy includes full cover for repatriation costs back to your funeral director’s premises.
What if I want to take out a plan for someone else?
Complete the planholder’s representative box on the application form, and we’ll arrange for all correspondence to be sent to you. Complete confidentiality is assured.
What if I live to be 100?
No matter how old you are, no matter how much funeral costs may rise, you and your loved ones will never be asked for a penny more for the costs within your funeral director’s control.
What if my situation changes after I’ve paid for a plan?
If you settle in another country or experience any other change of circumstances which may necessitate a refund, Golden Charter will give a full refund if the plan is cancelled in writing within 28 days. After 28 days a cancellation fee of 10% of the funeral plan cost will be deducted from the refund.